Monday, April 5

April already?

Having just come back from our holidays we didn’t visit the plot last week so the start of the April diary very much concentrates on activities closer to home in the garden.

Nature is beginning to stir itself having decided that, however cold it may still be that spring has arrived and it had better get on with its business - so we have decided to follow suit by making a concerted start on seed sowing.

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  1. I've started on my seeds too and really should get around to updating whats happening with's so nice to have them sprouting up!!

  2. Melons have germinated already!

  3. I love the colour of your Hellebore. I need to get some of my more tender seeds sown now, a job for the weekend I think.

  4. nice Hellebore, the one I 'discovered' the other day looks tiny by comparison.

  5. Hi Damo & Jo

    That hellebore has been planted for a few years but last year we bought some new ones. I'd wanted some other colours for a while but wanted singles and the ones on offer were double.

    At the moment the new ones are growing on at the allotment - but now I have them I am finding singles for sale everywhere! Just typical.


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