Tuesday, March 2

It's not just OUR daffodils that are reluctant to bloom.

Yesterday was St David's day - the patron saint of Wales - and traditionally daffodils are worn to mark the occasion, however the freezing conditions this year has meant that daffodils crops are about a month behind. So maybe the Welsh have had to resort to wearing the other symbol of St David - a leek!

Our garden and plot seem to have been consumed by a time warp as everything seems to be standing still, not only are the daffodils reluctant to grow but the snowdrops in the garden have only opened their petals once when a stray beam of sunshine fell on them, although the clumps planted under the plum and greengage trees at the allotment are fully open – they are in a position to catch any bouts of sunshine whereas those in the garden are in shade.

These are miniature daffodils that are usually one of the first to flower in our garden.

These are their larger cousins and are a little further on - maybe due to the sheltered position but as you can see although they are all the same variety some are much more advanced than others

For those of you who have forgotten what sunshine is - it's the shiny stuff that casts patches on the ground!

My February diary and photo album is almost complete - just a video clip to add and can be viewed here and a summary of February's weather can be viewed here.

Don't forget our weather blog gives a daily summary.

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