Tuesday, February 9

Valentine's Gifts for gardeners

Just received an email from Blooming Direct with some suggestions for Valentines gifts that I thought I would share with you.

Choca Mocca Gift Pack
Chocolate scented and coloured Cosmos Choca Mocca plant, with 12 handmade Belgian chocolate truffles.

Name a rose gift box
A unique pack of rose seeds they can grow into a beautiful rose bush. The individually named rose bush will be registered on the Amore Rose Registry! The gift comes  presented in a tin containing the seeds, some rose petals, a certificate, introduction letter and everything you need to know to grow and nurture your rose bush.

Adopt a Vine Gift Pack
The recipient will become the adopter of a vine at Carr Taylor Vineyard in Sussex. The vine will be specially allocated and identified by row and vine number. As well as adopting a vine and learning about Carr Taylor wines, the recipient will also be entitled to a free tour of the vineyard and a 10% discount on all purchases made from the vineyard.

If you prefer to send flowers try these links


  1. I'd be happy to just get a card!!!

  2. Hi. I wandered into here from ShySongbird's blog (I think!) and I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

    You've put me to shame though ..... your seed potatoes have arrived and mine haven't even been ordered yet!

    My birds disappeared on bird watch weekend too - I think they must know! :)

  3. Hello Nutty Gnome - Thanks for visiting - hope you come again. Don't leave ordering too late as our supplier has run out of some varieties

    Hope you got a card Tanya!


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