Thursday, February 25

Slug deterrent?

On a forum that I use, the discussion was of the perennial problem - how to stop slugs and snails eating plants. One of the responses was to use a deterrent which was made from natural granite shards.

According to the blurb here the stuff also acts as a mulch and improves soil condition. It's supposed to be biodegradable, rain resistant and safe to other animals too.

It all just sounds too good to be true so I just wondered whether anyone has used this and whether it works.


  1. I've never tried this but I did see a rahter curius way of detterring slugs and snails which involved copper...this obviously only works on raised beds and pots but apparently the copper creates a natural charge when the slime comes into contact with it which makes the bugs back off...I haven't tried it myself but might on my garden tubs this year as some of my peppers got slaughtered and you only need a thin band of the stuff. I actually saw it in a magazine but wasn't go to try the branded stuff..more of a construct your own thing!

  2. I've used the copper tape method around tubs. It seems to work up to a point. I did see some slugs touch the tape and shy away so they definitely didn't like the feeling.

    The only problems are if slugs have got into the soil in the tubs already and also once the plants grow - I used it on hosta tubs - you have to make sure the leaves don't touch any route that the slugs may use to tight rope walk across!

    I also smeared vaseline around the tubs - just have to remember it's there when you pick up the tub or else you end up with yukky fingers!


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