Monday, February 8

The seed potatoes have arrived

The highlight of last week was the arrival of our seed  potatoes - how sad is that? They had been delayed by the poor weather - the supplier preferred to hang on to them and keep them in storage until conditions improved. Then an email arrived telling us that they had been dispatched and almost before we had time to blink they had arrived.

We have been very impressed by our supplier Alan Romans who specialises in supplying seed potatoes. He has a really wide selection of varieties and what's more his prices are very competitive.

Must admit that although I have written the first diary entry for February that not much has happened garden wise. If you still want to read what I have written please click here.


  1. I just got my seed potatoes too...though not nearly as many as I only have half a plot. Hope the weather warms up soon so that I can get down the allotment!!

  2. Hi Sue, that's an impressive load of seed potatoes. I was interested to read about all the varieties you grow. Can you recommend a waxy, blight resistant variety? Gardener's question time was talking about allotment gluts this week and the foodshare projects that are springing up. A brilliant simple idea.

  3. Hi Tanya - the sun is out this morning so we are hopeful for this afternoon or later this week - just need lots of jumpers.
    Hi Yan - The only varieties of potato that we have grown that you could say was blight resistant was Sarpo Mira which is floury and even they got a bit of blight but grew through the problem. (We are growing one or two different ones this year though). All our other varieties got leaf blight but the affected leaves were cut off and the tubers were fine – except some Belle de Fontenay which is why we aren’t growing that again this year. The reason we grow potatoes that mature early is that they have usually formed a decent crop before blight strikes.
    As for gluts - on our site if someone had something that someone else hasn’t people tend to share and we have friends always happy to receive fresh veg but the food share sounds like a good idea.


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