Friday, February 26

Rhubarb joins the champagne club

The rhubarb producers of West Yorkshire have long been campaigning for their product to gain Protected Designation of Origin status and it has finally been granted by the European Commission. It is the 41st British product to gain this status joining the likes of Cheddar Cheese, Newcastle Brown and Cornish Clotted Cream.

The status only applies to the forced rhubarb grown in the Rhubarb Triangle. Must admit that although forced rhubarb may be a delicacy we prefer to pick it when grown naturally so our plot grown varieties can only look on in envy.

However, we do grow a variety called Champagne along with several others of the amazing number of varieties available. Raspberry Red and Giant Grooveless Crimson are just two other varieties that we grow. The latter keeps its lovely pink colour after cooking.

For more information on rhubarb growing with the rhubarb triangle click here


  1. I put some rhubarb seeds on my allotment last year I just have to see if anything happens with them?!?!?!

  2. Good Luck Tanya,
    Our first clump was donated by someone or other and the others have been bought as plants.

    One clump was growing through a path on one of our plots and it took a couple of years digging to finally remove it. Just a small piece left in the soil just grew and grew!

  3. I sowed Rhubarb seed for the first time last year (in pots rather than direct). They germinated very enthusiastically, and are just re-emerging now as robust, if still very small plants. I guess they're going to be 3 - 4 years old before any sort of cropping is possible.


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