Wednesday, February 17

Of trees, sheep and trains!

Even gardeners have to have days out at times so yesterday we spent the day on the North Yorkshire Moors and at Whitby.

As we drove along (I was a passenger so my attention was allowed to wander) I was particularly struck by the number of huge molehills alongside of the road and in fields. Apparently the very cold weather has caused moles to be particularly active as they tunnel deeper to escape from the freezing conditions and in so doing create larger spoil heaps. The size of the molehills reminded me that as a child I imagined moles to be the size of a small bear - courtesy of the illustrations in Wind in the Willows and was amazed when I realised just how small they were.

With the trees denuded of leaves the shapes of the trees are also interesting - especially the really old specimens. Considering the great age of some of these trees it is fascinating to imagine the times they have lived through and the tales they would be able to tell if only they could talk.

The sheep were well equipped to deal with the conditions they must have faced throughout the freezing conditions. Goodness knows how the sheep up on the moors survive searching through the dry grass and heather for enough food to sustain them.

The ones roaming the villages fare better. They make great low maintenance lawn mowers!
One group of people who would have no trouble keeping warm though were the volunteers who work on the North Yorkshire Moors railway. They will have been toasty without the benefit of the sheep's woolly coats.

 To read more about the weather click here


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day out...and the pictures are great. Did you know that sheep can survive for hours buried under snow?? Due to the way they breathe there breath can make a funnel in the snow so that oxygen can get through to them so they don't suffocate and their coats keep them toasty warm...amazing really!

  2. I didn't know that, tough animals those sheep. I love N Yorks, walked through Malham on the Pennine Way the other year, beautiful countryside.

  3. No neither did I - so they are a bit like hippos! They can close their nostrils, and ears under water! WEll OK nothing like hippos.
    It is a beautiful area but on top of the moors is a bit bleak in winter - very Wuthering Heights!

  4. Lovely pictures! As you were kind enough to leave a comment on my blog, I thought I'd pop over and visit yours!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I don't really have much trouble keeping awake while counting the sheep. There are only 25 so a small day dream is all I can muster. Bob.

  6. Welcome DDG

    Idyllic yes but also cold especially on top of the moors. Lovely when it is sunny but it can be very bleak

  7. Beautiful photos, brought back happy memories from last summer. Thanks for visiting my blog - jealous that you still have carrots...

  8. Got my D and Gs mixed up didn't I Dirty Dancing Girl?

    The carrots are now under snow AGAIN!


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