Thursday, September 3

Looking for Autumn Bulbs?

I thought that next year I'd like to plant some crocuses (or is it crocii) in my garden to add to the early spring colour and so I have been browsing the Internet and watching out for the inevitable catalogues that pop through the letter-box.

One such catalogue was from Spalding bulbs so I decided to check out their web site to get a bit more information of what was on offer.

Click on the image to access the offer shown above.

For their full range of bulbs click here


  1. I've used these in the past and was very happy with the service..just in case you were interested.. :-)

  2. So have I and their online catalogue is an interesting idea.
    They have republished the catalogue that pops through the door and it operates interactively.

    You turn the pages and then click on the item that you are interested in for more information.

    Check it out even if you don't want to buy any bulbs!


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