Monday, August 24

Monster Tomato?

From Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments

Harvesting has been the predominant activity this week. The second largest of our Brandywine tomatoes weighed in at 700g or 1½ lbs. It provided a thick slice of fruit - with some to spare - for each of three sandwiches.

From Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments

There is an even larger sister awaiting harvest. Both of our monster tomatoes were growing in our garden greenhouse which has been blight free, however, in the plot greenhouse the removal of all leaves from the blight affected tomatoes appears to be working. The fruits are ripening well. Many have been gathered, roasted and made into a passata which has been frozen.

Anyone else grown a monster tomato?

The August diary has been updated here


  1. no monster tomatoes in my garden...probably because what I ended up with was cherry tomatoes!! On the plus side I haven't had any blight either!

  2. Wow these monster tomato looks wonderful. I would appreciate if you share the secret of this monster tomato. the manure or compost you are using. It looks perfect.

  3. I'll create a post with details of how we grew them when we weigh in the big sister. So watch this space!!

    It tasted good too!


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