Monday, August 31

Any recipes for using beetroot?

We seem to have plenty of beetroot this year - I sowed some seed to use for salad leaves and even they have grown to full size beetroots!

I've browsed the Internet looking for beetroot recipes with limited success. What I really want are ideas for using beetroot as a vegetable rather than as a pickle or chutney etc.

Any ideas?


  1. I didn't sow nearly enough beetroot this year so don't have the finding a recipe problem...however I have diced them before and added them to meatballs...also roasted around a joint and eaten with a main meal is great...I like beetroot that much I will also eat a whole one as you would an have an actual recipe somewhere...I will look it up and post it for you!!

  2. just made some beetroot wine. Quite sweet, but not too bad really.


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