Monday, July 6

It's the height of summer and pouring down!

The grass needs cutting on the plot but it is pouring down so time has been spent starting the July diary instead. No doubt the rain is doing lots of good work. It's just a pity that the weeds love it as well. All the work done at the weekend in removing weeds and the things will be germinating again.
It is as though the plot fairy has waved a magic wand this week, Everything seems to have shifted a gear and catapulted itself into growth. With very little space left in which to plant we are now very much weeders and gatherers.
And of course it has begun - the great courgette season and as usual any delicious recipes will be most welcome. If you have a recipe that you would like to share on the website then please email me with instruction and a photo of your dish. Any other yummy fruit or veggie recipes would also be welcome and if suitable will be included on the website here.

July's diary has started here

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