Thursday, July 23

Information leaflet.

I am still receiving emails to my website from people who have become victims of the contamination and not known that the problem existed before their plants started having problems so I have created an information sheet warning gardeners to be cautious when obtaining manure and to ask the correct questions before obtaining manure. It also has some questions that animal owners should ask their suppliers before supplying manure to gardeners etc. It's a no blame attached leaflet just trying to prevent at least some people from ending up as victims due to ignorance about the problem.

I have emailed the sheet to everyone who has visited my website to say they have had problems and asked them to email on to as many people as possible - even non- gardening friends will have other friends who are gardeners - I know people can be annoyed by this sort of email but I am always happy to receive ones warning of viruses or scams so I am hoping people will forgive this and pass on the information.

If you would like to help by passing on the warning the leaflet can be downloaded by clicking here

Please keep sending me information if you have become a victim.
NB: The leaflet is a PDF file so you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view available from here

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