Thursday, June 11

June means flowers and .... strawberries!

During the first week of June the seasons collided and we were left wondering just where in the year we actually had landed.

At the beginning of the week we were in midsummer with temperatures of 26°C and it was more comfortable to garden in the shade of the gazebo. Then the temperature plummeted and the weather changed and we were left to wonder whether it was winter, autumn or early spring. Goodness knows what the plants made of it all but thankfully they carried on growing regardless.

A highlight of last week was the gathering of our first strawberries. Click here to read more of our June diary.

Click here for my first June diary entry


  1. Hello again Sue

    I also love your your strawberries , they are mine and mummies favourite. We are hoping Grace will like them too.

    Love Jack

  2. Maybe soon you will be able to grow your own strawberries somewhere Jack.

    What about growing some in a tub while you wait or maybe some radishes and lettuces as they are easy to grow.


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