Tuesday, May 26

Evidence that last years manure spectre hasn't completely gone away!

One bit of bad news is the sign that last year's problems caused by contaminated manure hasn't completely cleared up. Evidence that of this is the fact that sprouts from potato tubers which we accidentally left in the soil (it always happens however careful you are), are showing signs of herbicide poisoning. Hopefully this may just be in localised patches but who knows. Has anyone else noticed that their soil hasn't completely recovered.
I have already had emails from people who have been affected this year so keep any information coming in. Click here
Click here for all the information that I have gathered together.
Click here for the latest summary page - any ideas of other things to add to this page will be welcome


  1. Same has happened on our plots. Problem as I see it is that the contamination is in the tuber, not the soil. So how long will this chain last?

  2. One of my thoughts too John and now DOW have confirmed that this is likely to be the case.


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