Tuesday, April 21

Attempting to beat the dreaded carrot fly.

Unfortunately carrot flies thrive in moist and mild climates – just like ours and our countryside provides many wild plants, such as cow parsley, which the carrot fly is attracted to. Problems with carrot fly larvae can discourage gardeners from even trying to grow carrots. Click here to read how we attempt to control the beasts!


  1. Carrot seed bought in France suggests watering with coffee grounds to deter pests - carrot fly not specifically named but there would seem to some sense in that the coffee will smell and presumably deter the pests. Have planted a late row on the allotment and watered with coffee grounds - a bucket kept outside the backdoor and emptied once a week. If it seems to work I am tempted to water the site of next years carrots all winter with coffee, hoe before planting and continue watering whilst growing. It can do no harm and is natural. The packet also suggests mixing radish with carrots and pulling radish when ready to thin the row - sounds good but I guess might still let the fly in

  2. It will be interesting to see if the coffee ground idea works.

    They also say that onions planting alongside carrots is a deterrent but then this is qulaified by saying you need 5 times thae amount of onions to carrots and that it is only effective whilst the onion leaves are actively growing.

    I think you are right about pulling radish possibly drawing in the flies as presemably you would disturb the carrots in the process. Covering so far is the only thing that has worked for us so we will keep doing this as home grown carrots are worth the effort.


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