Monday, March 2

February's diary is now completed

We managed a couple of visits to the plot. The bin containing the well rotted compost has now been emptied and spread on beds to enrich the soil. The autumn raspberries have been cut down and are sending up this year's fruiting canes. The buddleia bushes have also been pruned hard to encourage strong new growth. We have a row of these on the plot; this is as a result of having too great a success rate when taking cuttings. Anything that can’t find room in the garden ends up on the allotment.

This not only makes the plot look less functional but encourages lots of wildlife; in the case of the buddleias lots of butterflies and bees. For us gardening isn't just about the plants it's also about who else we can share our plot with!
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  1. Hi, how are you? I am Marta, I loved your blog! The pics,your write very good.
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  2. Hello Martinha,
    Thanks for visiting and making a comment.
    Your English is much better than my Portuguese. I am afraid that it is a language that I don't know at all so I couldn't really read your blogs but enjoyed looking at the photos.
    Do you have a garden or grow your own vegetables in Brazil?
    Hope you keep visiting my blog



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