Saturday, February 7

The beginning of February's diary

Wherever you have turned this week the topic on everyone’s lips has been the white stuff. The predicted snow came at the beginning of the week but, in our area, not anything like as much as was predicted. It didn’t seem enough to cause the ensuing chaos but was enough to keep us indoors. The nearest we got to any gardening was to read the gardening magazine that was popped through the letterbox. The editor must have been kicking himself for bad timing as one main article was on climate change. It included the subheadings Longer hotter summers and Warmer shorter winters. I do wonder how many gardeners have taken advice and restyled their gardens to take into account the predicted global warming and what effects our recent weather has had on their cactus and succulent displays.

The birds are having a hard time so don't forget to pop out plenty of food and keep thawing the bird's drinking water! Click here for instructions for making fat cakes.

Click here for February's diary but don't expect any gardening!!

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