Monday, September 1

Black Crimea Tomato

Visitors to our blog will know that we like to grow vegetables in all sorts of colours. This year we have grown several varieties of tomato including Black Crimea which is shown below alongside a redder cousin so you can get some idea of the colour difference. At first it was quite difficult for us to decide when the fruit was actually ripe. Black Crimea is a heirloom variety. It is a beefsteak tomato with a fleshy interior that tastes good. Beefsteak tomatoes grow larger than other varieties and are great for slicing. Black Tomatoes are thought to have been taken home to Russia from Southern Ukraine by soldiers returning from the Crimean War.
If you fancy having a go at growing them next year they can be bought from this web site (that is if the link is still viable - otherwise Google Kokopelli.
We are going to try saving some seed and seeing if we can grow more tomatoes that way!


  1. blight championSeptember 01, 2008

    I have loads of those, its called blight!!

  2. Offended TomSeptember 01, 2008

    Now you have hurt my feelings - I am rather a good looking tomato and not in the least blighted. Are you trying to tell me that I look diseased?


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