Friday, August 15

So can we trust organic labeling?

Several people have emailed us to say that they suspect that the source of their herbicide contamination has been commercially bagged organic products or manure from organic farms. Surely this is impossible or is it?

I looked up the definitions of organic material and organic gardening and found the following:

Organic Gardening:

  • The method of gardening utilizing only materials derived from living things. (i.e. composts and manures).
  • Plants grown without the use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Any fertilizers used consist of animal or vegetable matter.
  • A method of gardening that does not utilize chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • A form of gardening where only naturally occurring materials are used. Example: Manure


  • Being composed of, or containing matter related to living organisms.

That seemed to be sort of what I expected. OK herbicides aren’t actually mentioned but surely they will come under the same banner as pesticides. So it is impossible - organic products can't be the source of any herbicide contamination! Think again - click here to read what I have so far found out about 'organic' garden products.

Please add to the comments if you have any more information on this subject.

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