Saturday, August 23

Chippings bay fully operational!

The council delivered a load of wood chippings yesterday to fill the new bay. Sid who delivered them advised leaving a few days so the leaves rot down and the chippings dry a little. None of the content is conifer and I am told nothing untoward has been sprayed on them - they are mainly from trees being pruned in school grounds.
I have a direct telephone number for Sid now so any time we need more I will give him a ring. For the communal bay we will only accept chippings from the council so if anyone else, other than Sid, tries to deliver any please don't accept. Sid also has a key so can let himself in and out. Please help yourself but can you leave the edge of the bay reasonably tidy so chippings don't spread out onto the road area. Thanks
At this time the manure bay will not be used for obvious reasons - anyone wishing to obtain manure should source their own trusted supply and have it delivered to their own plot. In the meanwhile the manure bay will be used to house our can recycling collection.
For the whole story of the communal area development so far click here.
For the next stage Jan is edging the plot with scaffolding boards and will recover with the weed suppressant supplied to us by GeoFabrics of Stourton. This will be covered with chippings.
Spalding Plant and Bulb Company are supplying us with some daffodil and tulip bulbs for under the tree where hopefully we will have a raised bed!

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