Monday, August 25

August diary updated

The dreaded blight has struck! We have been on alert for it all year due to the excessive wet weather – the potatoes have a spray of dithane too. This week however the potatoes and tomatoes both in the greenhouse and outside have been struck. The tubers of the potatoes seem OK so far, although we are still digging them up. The tomatoes have been stripped off the plants in the plot greenhouse and the diseased ones disposed of so we will have to wait and see if the green fruits ripen and are any good. Fortunately we have some tomatoes in our garden greenhouse so maybe we will have more luck with them. It would be interesting to know if anyone on our site is blight free and what varieties they have grown or precautions they have taken!

In spite of the weather, blight and anything else that can be thrown at us we are managing to keep the table fully supplied.
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  1. Read your bit on the dreaded blight affecting toms and pots. Can you buy blight resistant? Will be a plot holder on Sept.1st. A.

  2. You can buy varieties advertised as blight resistant but it doesn't mean that you are guaranteed not to get blight. Also the choice of varieties isn't as wide and it's a case of do you want to stop planting varieties that you have come to like.
    Being a new plot holder maybe you need to start with the more blight resistant varieties so that you don't become 'hooked' on others.
    If anyone has grown blight resistant potato or tomato varieties - has it worked?


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