Tuesday, July 29

So what do the farmers have to say?

Try reading these forums to have a real eye opener as to what some farmers think about us (the organic brigade?) and chemical use in general!
Click here and here and here
Just in case any farmers are reading this - it isn't just a knee jerk reacton about chemicals and whether they are safe for us or not. It is the fact that our crops are dying! DOW and the PSD accept that there is a problem too. So it's not just the allotment lot as some farmers seem to see us!!

I think some have missed the point completely - one posting asks haven't people nothing better to moan about at least they won't get docks in their carrots - not true the weeds are thriving it will be a case of no carrots in our docks!
Also it quotes that a group of people are trying to ban aminopyralid due to health concerns - some may be but the biggest concern for others is that crops are being killed or stunted by the contamination - even if the chemical is considered safe to humans.
One person admits to not reading labels and another says they are sure Forefront residue only lasts for six weeks - worrying eh?

I hope that these views are not representative of the farming community and would be interested to find out what other farmers think! Why not post a comment here?

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