Friday, July 11

PSD Update

The Pesticide safety Directorate have issued an update today click here to read
The update gives Information about aminopyralid - by now most of this is known to us.
Safety information read this for yourself but here is one quote:
Based on reasonable worst case assumptions: that cattle are only fed grass, or silage made from grass, treated with aminopyralid; that vegetables are grown in soil mixed with manure produced from the animals; and that all the aminopyralid released from the manure is taken up into the plants; the highest residues would not be a concern for health, so vegetables should be safe to eat.
Action being taken again here is a quote:
It would appear that the label precautions concerning the use of manure may not always have been followed when manure has been supplied to allotment holders and gardeners. PSD is urgently investigating the problem. A key issue in the investigation will be whether the conditions of use regarding manure are sufficient, or sufficiently well known, to prevent a recurrence.

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