Wednesday, July 9

Learning from previous mistakes?

John from Sandwell Allotments' Council sent me the following link.
U. S. Composting Council position paper on Clopyralid andf composting.
Click here to read the full report
The report is dated October 30 2001 and describes a similar situation to that being experienced by us at the moment. I quote:
"Recent incidents have revealed that the composting industry is vulnerable to contamination from a long-lasting herbicide called clopyralid. In several well-documented cases, compost products from clopyralid-containing feedstocks (including grass clippings, animal bedding, and manures) have damaged non-target crops due to the presence of clopyralid"
The report points to inadequate labeling but goes on to say that the problem doesn't "begin with nor does it end with the label". It further states that:
"Even if clopyralid applicators are provided with an unambiguous, accurate label, there would still be a long chain of communication that must be maintained among applicators, land owners, harvesters of the plant residuals, haulers and the compost facility operators. How will the applicators know how and where the plant residuals will be handled? How will the land owner know what chemical was applied and how the clippings should be managed? How will the compost facility operator know the history of the residuals delivered in the hauler's truck? As a practical matter, it would be impossible to ensure this essential chain of communication, rendering any improvements to the label ineffectual. A solution to the clopyralid-compost issues must provide for effective and continuous communications among all of the parties involved. If such communication cannot be ensured, the USCC strongly questions the appropriateness of continued uncontrolled use of clopyralid".
This is just what we have been saying with respect to our current problem. The actions recommended are too long to repeat here but the report is very readable so
click on the link and read it for yourself.

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