Sunday, June 29

Bubbleshare problems

Due to the exceptionally high demand to view our Bubbleshare albums of crops affected by contaminated manure you may have difficulty accessing photo albums at the moment - sorry!
Bubbleshare albums are being converted to Picasa as soom as possible. Bubbleshare will cease to exist from Novemeber 11 2009


  1. Thanks for all the work you've done in spreading the word about the manure problem. I've posted about it on my own blog and hope others will do the same.

    Mercifully I don't have the problem myself which means I don't have any photos ... is it possible I could borrow one of your pictures to post on my blog? It would be really helpful for people to identify whether they have the aminopyralid symptoms or not.

    Rebsie Fairholm

  2. Thank you!

    I managed to grab the pic from Flickr, so all is sorted. I really appreciate your help. Keep fighting the good fight and best of luck.


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