Saturday, May 17

Thieves and vandals

We have twice been the target of thieves this week. During the first visit the thieves were disturbed and made off so must have decided to come back again to finish off the job. The really annoying thing is that the damage that they cause breaking into sheds by far outweighs the value of the things that are taken. This time it would seem that their prime targets were stoves that plot holders used to boil water for a drink, and fuel. An oddment of tools appear to have been taken more to break into other sheds rather than for any value. Our desire to increase security isn't to protect items of value, plot holders have learned from bitter experience not to leave valuable items on site, it is to try and curtail wanton damage caused to sheds, greenhouses and crops. We always report incidents of theft and damage to the police and would welcome any information regarding these incidents. Meanwhile we continue our attempts to provide a secure boundary to the site but we are only a small group of people and we need a large amount of money! Isn't it time some government money was put into this area as after all we are doing everything that the government pay lip service to? Click here I have written to MPs and government departments but all they do is pass the buck back to the council who tell us that they just don't have the funding available! Have any other sites had more support from their MPs than we have? It would be interesting to hear of experiences elsewhere - use the comments area to post any comments.

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