Monday, April 28

Other Allotment Sites in Wakefield

I thought it may be interesting to have some photos of other allotment sites in Wakefield and so have added a page on the web site for this purpose. Click here
We won't manage all of them as the Live Search Map unfortunately doesn't have birdseye views of all areas of Wakefield.
I have started this off with some birdseye views of some that I know of. If you garden on an allotment site in Wakefield post a comment or email me to tell me where it is including the street name and if possible send a photograph that you think sums up your site. I'll then add your site to our collection if I can find a bird'seye view. Pat and Joe visited the allotment site in Agbrigg on Sugar Lane last Sunday and took this photograph. I am sure it looks much better on a nice day so if you garden on this site send us another photograph of your site at it's best!


  1. Archies dadJuly 13, 2008

    Hi - I have a plot on the Cypress Road allotments - Normanton.
    I took it over on the 30th March and will send you some before and after photos.

  2. Hi Archie's dad,
    That would be great - I'll even add you a page on our visitors photos if you send me a bit a text to pop with your photos.

  3. Hi
    I’ve been in the horticulture business for 45 years and would like to warn about the pit falls on taking on a plot on a privately run site.
    It was two years ago when my wife and I accepted the lease for two adjoining overgrown plots at Dalefield Rd allotments, Normanton, West Yorkshire.
    Initially committee informed us they did not like holding meetings preferring to thrash issues out ?.
    We then find committee have no complaint procedure rules / regulations are virtually non existent and it is impossible to gain a contact number or address for committee members, call us naive if you must but we decided to carry on.

    It was hard work to say the least both plots had to be cleared of weeds, brambles and left over rubbish which included a large fridge and literally tons of discarded kitchen units. New sheds and runs had to be erected also fencing around the perimeter.
    I’m not sure how we completed all this work but complete it we did and in record time.
    By April the first year we were on are way to Selby livestock market to purchase are first chickens and ducks Sadly this came to an end following a break-in on our allotment which involved a committee member and his son and an adjoining plot holder several items were removed at a cost of £500.

    We made several complaints to committee and received only one response which came by letter signed by three committee members all related to each other and all related to the committee member we had complained about, the letter simply stated we had one week to vacate are plot.
    You can view our Blog in more detail by visiting or clicking this link.


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