Tuesday, April 15

Desperately Seeking Volunteers!!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped by redistributing the wood chippings - I don't know who you are so can't thank you personally but this is much appreciated.

Just really a plea for more volunteers now.

If anyone has a bit of time and would like to help sort out the communal plot the first job that we need to do is to get the plot covered with the weed suppressant. Once this is done we can ask for some more chippings to be spread over the surface of most of the material for the time being, just to keep it anchored and also make it look a little tidier - this can be then removed as required. (One piece of membrane is on the plot and the other pieces are on Matt's plot (the one down away from the Sycamores after Jan's plots). If we have a few volunteers we can soon get that covered.

We also need to build the bays for the manure and chippings for communal use so it would be great if we had a volunteer or two to take on the job of building the bays - if someone/s will come forward for that job I will order some materials for this and also for the raised beds. I am going to buy fence posts and wany boarding (I think I have spelt that correctly) as a cost effective way of building the bays - it should mean that once started they can also go up quite quickly. Also let me know if any of your children would like a raised bed to garden so we have some idea of how many to set out. Once these tasks are sorted we can decide what else to do on the plot.

Finally a reminder that Southdale Junior School in Ossett have asked if anyone has any spare cuttings seedlings etc that they could possibly have to sell at their plant fair in May - not exactly sure when but if you can help can you let me know. If you don't garden on Green Lane but live reasonably close to Ossett then email me if you can help out the school. They have a vegetable plot and are trying to raise money for equipment, plants, seeds etc.

Here's hoping - please do consider offering to help as the more volunteers that we have the better and everyone is welcome to help even if you can't offer much time or don't know one end of a hammer from another.

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