Saturday, April 5

Article in the Wakefield Express

We had a visit on Monday from the Wakefield Express and Councillor Janet Holmes. An article and photograph appear in this week's issue of the Express but if you wish to read the article online then Click here

For some reason the photograph doesn't appear but as I am on it - then that maybe isn't a bad thing.

Just to correct a couple of things though - the article didn't mention the award that was granted to us by the Co-operative Community Awards Scheme so apologies to them and also the Community Chest Award from the council did in fact go towards the cost of the new gate and was not used to develop the web site which was started well before we gained any awards. Due to having to be politically unbiased the paper also didn't mention the tremendous support that Janet Holmes has given to us - so I would like to acknowledge that too.

The next stage of funding will in fact be needed to replace the upper boundary fence and gates click here for more information.

The Primary Care Trust has already awarded us a small grant to enable work on developing the communal plot. Click here for more information.

By the way Karen - haven't they got your name wrong?

Just out of interest if you are visiting us as a result of the article can you make a comment in this post to let us know!


  1. Karen's name looks fine to me!

  2. Glad to hear it - good job I didn't give them our names then!!


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