Friday, March 28

Materials and Workmen Needed

We really want to get going on our communal plot but we want to make the grant that we were awarded by Wakefield Primary Care Trust go as far as we possibly can. We would really like to pave some of the area so that it provides a mud free area that can be used in all weather. We would also like to construct some sort of gazebo as a refuge during showers. The sort of materials that we need are concrete paving flags, sand and cement, wood (possible palettes or scaffolding planks or floorboarding), cleaned bricks, something with which to create raised beds - ideally not creosoted railway sleepers Or rather parts of them maybe short leftover sections. etc. If you have or know of anyone who maybe has some slightly damaged materials or materials left over from other jobs could you please email me. We will obviously acknowledge anyone who supports us.

Also anyone out there who thinks that they could help by offering some manpower - especially bricklaying we would welcome you with open arms and also provide free publicity on our site and blog.
The progress on the plot will be charted on the web site click here

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