Sunday, March 2

March diary

The March diary has now been started on the web site click here - doesn't time fly!! It's even worse than you think as if you look at the URL for the page on the web site I mistakenly have put 2088 (and it can't be changed without starting the page again).
Everything else has been flying this week too hasn't it. Here in Wakefield we have suffered from persistent gales - on the allotment site it's even blown our speed limit sign off its pole!
Rumour has it that the supermarkets are considering doing away with the plastic carrier bag. I say hurray to that, I am fed up of the things getting stuck, just out of reach, in our trees and bushes. Even when I can reach them - they cling on and pull buds off when I try to disentangle them.
The other bit of bad news is that the oil seed rape is beginning to flower.
To end on some positive notes though things are starting to show signs of spring so it will soon be all systems go for both us and the plants!! We are also still managing to harvest for the pot! Below is this week's booty.

Why not use the comments on this post to tell us what you think or tell us what you are still managing to harvest?

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