Monday, April 2

Yes another sign!

Really, really sad - taking a photo of a second sign. Just in case you haven't noticed another sign has appeared - this time a 5mph speed limit sign. Please do keep your speed down as the roadway around the site is used as a play area by the children!

Jan will be on the lookout for any speeding vehicles and you really wouldn't want to make him cross!


  1. Quaking in my bootsApril 04, 2007

    Does this mean he has a speed camera secreted about his person, or a bionic eye that accurately measures speed!!

  2. jan site secApril 05, 2007

    why don't you say these things to my face or have you no bottle no need for comments like this

  3. Before anyone gets paranoid about the speed limit sign. Just some information about why it is there. Some allotments holders expressed concern that a minority of individuals were driving at too great a speed around the site. The road is used as a play area by very young children and the worry was that if they came out from behind a parked car then we could be facing a disaster.
    This issue was discussed with the allotments officer who suggested a speed limit sign. The purpose of the sign is to draw attention to the fact that motorists need to drive around the site slowly. It also gives the site secretary the authority to tackle any individuals speeding. Before there was nothing to suggest that motorists should drive slowly and it could well be that they didn't realise the potential dangers.
    There is no intention to monitor the exact speed of cars - this would not be desirable if indeed it was practical. Most motorists drive around the site carefully and the sign is of no threat to them.
    I am sure that we all want to keep the children (and everyone else) safe on our site and if a sign such as this helps then surely that can't be a bad thing.

  4. Big Brother isn't watching you !The speed sign is just a reminder that the roadway at Green Lane isn't a public highway, and great care and consideration should be used when driving round it.

    Can I also take this oppertunity to remind allotment holders to keep the top two gates closed and locked as much as possible, to deter unauthorised users coming onto the site.


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