Wednesday, April 4

We are mentioned in Kitchen Garden magazine!

I opened our May issue of Kitchen Garden magazine today and was browsing the letters' page when I came across a letter entitled "Allotment Blogs".
This caught my attention and as I read on, the content seemed familiar. Then I came to the name of the sender and surprise, surprise - it was ME!
I had written to the editor, via their web site, suggesting that they might produce an article about allotment blogs or provide links, in their magazine, to the many allotments blogs that are out there. I didn't expect to appear on the letters' page of the actual magazine though. (Page 11 if you are interested although I don't think the typos were mine!)
Anyway the web addresses of our blog and website were published so it has given us a bit more publicity. If you are visiting us as a result of reading the Kitchen Garden magazine post a comment here to let us know!


  1. I came via KG....and am now subscribed to your blog. I'm keeping my eyes on you!!!!

  2. You are very welcome Lil (hope you don't mind me calling you Lil). Don't forget to visit the web site too - just click on the link on the sidebar - there is lots to browse there too!

  3. Saw your write up in Kitchen Garden Mag

    Nice blog guys! Fascinating stuff, and I love some of the extra features - animations and scrolling pics, plus all your links and stuff. Our own beginner-ish efforts at the Millfield Allotments in Faversham in Kent, can be found on

    Plus my own blog, which is written from the point of view of our Westie pup (Deefer-Dawg) and occasionally features allotments (again the Millfield site) is on

    Keep up the good work

    Happy Easter
    Matt Care
    Millfield Allotments Association


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