Tuesday, April 3

Joe's Special Yoghurt?

pussy willow yoghurt Joe on plot 40 has patented a brand new flavour of organic yoghurt. It is made to wife, Pat's special recipe. Pat is our resident gourmet, some of her other recipes can be viewed on our web site. (Click here)
Joe is considering extending his range to include, jams, pies and jellies. If you want to read more on the background to his new business venture then click here. Right at the bottom of the page.
If you wish to try Joe's special yoghurt then I am sure he would be happy to let you have a sample - if you approach him on site!


  1. can i order 50 pots of pussywillow yoghurt please

  2. First time for everything then Peter, you sould tell gordon

  3. weres my yogurts

  4. can i get my yoghurts


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