Sunday, April 29

Association Meeting 29 April

Thanks to everyone who turned up for the Association meeting this afternoon. It was really good that so many of you were interested enough to turn out and the weather was good to us.

Firstly and most importantly - thanks to my sister Judy for baking the cakes. I hope we didn't ruin anyone's diet!
Pat and Jan enjoy it with cream!

It was good that so many people came up to me afterwards with ideas and seemed so full of enthusiam and ready to have a go at some fund raising activities - I know it is sometimes easier to do that than to speak out in front of everyone at the meeting. Keep the ideas coming - the more ideas and volunteers to carry the ideas forward the better! I am sure that working together we can make Green Lane a site to be proud of (and a secure site too!) In fact a prize wining site!

When Phil has had a chance to type up the minutes they will be posted on the web.

Consensus was that we held a meeting every two months and so can I suggest Sunday 1st July 2007 for the next meeting - same time 2:00 p.m. and place Jan's plot - there may even be some cake again. It would be great to see as many of you - if not more again then.

I will email everyone about the letter writing campaign to find out who is interested in joining in with this and how much support you would like.


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