Friday, March 9

New Notices on Site Notice Board

This weekend - weather permitting! I will post up to date information on both notice boards about commission earned to date from affiliated links and also details of further companies offering various types of support.

On the notice board by the main gate, I will post a letter received by Councillor John Sharp from the council on the subject of allotment funding together with my response to it.

Thank you to those of you who have already given permission for photos of you and your plot to appear on the blog and web site. Could anyone else who agrees to give permission for this please add your name and details to the notice on the notice board near the main gate. Can you make sure people without Internet access are aware of this too. A pencil is provided in the pouch.

If you would like to receive notices, such as those that are posted on the site secretary's notice board, direct to you via email then please email us using the link on the sidebar of the blog, giving your name and plot number and I will create a distribution list for this purpose. This offer is for tenants of Green Lane only.

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