Monday, March 26

Email Addresses

Hello everyone on Green Lane Site.
If you were not present at the meeting yesterday you will not be aware of my request for email addresses of any tenant who possesses such a thing!

One of the association's aims is to keep you fully informed of any news about what is going on, on our site.

All notices will continue to be posted on the noticeboard and the blog, however we would also like to create a distribution list so that we can email you personally any infomation that is relevant as soon as possible. We can also use the distribution list to canvas any views as and when this becomes appropriate.

I know not everyone is an email convert and for those who require it a paper copy of important newsletters will be also available - if you feel that this is appropriate - maybe you can let me know your thoughts on this.

Newsletters will not be sent out at any specific time but as and when information needs circulating.

Three bits of news that are hot off the press is that I have had an email from Steve Slade today saying that No Tipping and Speed Limit signs will be with Jan some time this week. See car park posting where he left us a message today.

Jan also tells me that we have welcomed two new tenants to the remaining vacant plot today (plot 52 - I think!) So welcome Alex and husband (sorry Jan didn't tell me any names just had Alex on the email that I received requesting a plot)- has anyone warned you about the mad woman with the camera?

Thirdly I have just sent an email today to Councillors, Holmes and Councillor Sharp asking if we can make a bid for a Community Chest award to enable us to replace the main gate. So watch this space and keep fingers and anything else crossed!


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