Sunday, February 4

Was this weekend really February?

What a lovely weekend it's been? Lovely sunshine and warm weather - just what you need to encourage you to work down on the plot.
Some were indeed hard at work:
Men at work on the plot

Whilst others relaxed in the sunshine:
Relaxing in the sum

And others - well they just got on with life!

To view all the photos that I took this weekend click here. There are lots of photos so allow time to enjoy them - just click on the orange single arrow at the bottom right of the slide show. To pause the show then click on the two vertical orange lines.
Before I get hate mail - again! I apologise if I have missed out your plot - it isn't intentional but the sun was very low and prevented me from pointing my camera in some directions. Also I had to guess plot numbers so again apologies if I have got yours wrong!
I have posted a form on the site secretary's notice board asking for permission to photograph people and close ups of individual plots so could you please sign if you want to give your approval for this.
It would be good later in the year to feature individual plots and plot holders so if you are up for this then let me know! It will give you a chance to have a little bit of fame or notoriety if you prefer!


  1. Odette BarrauFebruary 05, 2007

    It's February, but the weather is with us.
    In Castres, we had sun and warm too.
    We take advantage on that.
    We have a garden with vegetables, a little bit of grass around our house.

  2. What was the weather like for you in January Odette? It was very wet and very windy for us but warmer than usual.


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