Tuesday, January 16

The site in January 2007

If you would like to browse more photos of the site taken on Sunday 14 January 2007 click here.
To view the photo album click on the larger single arrow at the bottom right of the picture and the slideshow will begin.
The plots were soggy with all the weeks of nearly constant rain but there was still work to do and vegetables to harvest!
If I appear to have been standing in the middle of your plot - please do not worry, pictures were taken using a zoom lens!


  1. Do you not like the other side of the allotments? As you only ever seem to take pictures of the plots on one side only.

  2. I think the whole site is just wonderful! If you look at all the pictures, I have taken shots from each corner so other than showing the broken down fence at the top thought that I had covered the whole site.

    I haven't any closer shots of plots 47 -53 as people were working there and I wouldn't want to take pictures of people that were recognisable to strangers as data protection states that I would need permission to use such photos on a web site!! Also if you look closely children were playing around the area that you are referring to and I am particularly sensitive to showing children's photos on the internet. I have people in the photos but they are distant shots so OK I don't want anyone suing me.

    If I have upset you by leaving out your plot it is not intentional and if you want me to take photos then I certainly will or you can send me a photo to the email link on the sidebar and I will certainly include it. I will be taking photos regularly so just let me know if you want exposure or prefer not to have photos of your plot included.

    The direction of the sun was a bit of a problem last Sunday as well!!!

    It's good to know people are interested enough to have a look though!!!

    And, how about all these anonymous posts having some sort of name or plot number so I know who I'm talking to or I'll get paranoid!

  3. I'm glad you haven't taken pictures of my allotment as the weeds are taking over and my paths aren't straight !

    Written on behalf of plot 50 by plot 49



    PS. Only kidding
    PPS. How about anonymous taking some photos and send them in for posting.

  4. Hi Xlix, (or maybe I should say 49er if I am not mistaken)
    Good to have someone identifiable to talk to!

    I will definitely photograph your weeds and add them to the album along with your wobbly paths - maybe even this weekend so you have 12 hours to get your paths straight. Early rise on Saturday morning should do it!!

    Plot 50 better watch out too!

  5. Gardener of the Year 2007January 21, 2007


    A detective as well as a gardener !

    A bad shoulder prevents all gardening for the foreseeable !
    So the weeds have a stay of execution.

    A point about all these anonymous posters(which means folk who: wont stand up and be counted; are agent provocateur; wont put their money where there mouth is).
    Can't they at least identify their anonymity in the form of anon 1, anon 2, etc.
    It would be nice to know if it's one person or many.


    Anon 49

  6. Hi Xlix (aka Gardener of the year 2007 aka Anon 49)

    I am a woman of many talents! Oops that's blown my cover too as I have identified that I am a woman when many of our readers thought that I was a man!!

  7. PS
    You could always say that the weeds were green manure as our green manure looks a bit like weeds!


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