Monday, January 22

Allotment Association Meeting

The next meeting of the Green Lane Allotments Association is on Wednesday 31st January
Cricketers Pub - Cluntergate 7:30pm
(venue changed from Calder due to popular demand!)

Issues to discuss:
This years activities i.e. BBQ’s, Competitions, Days out.
Site facilities i.e. Site toilet, fence, secure storage.
Nominations for Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee

Any additional issues you want to raise please tell Al on Plot 34 before the meeting.

It would be great to see as many people there as possible.
For details of past agendas and minutes click here


  1. It may be a good idea if anyone intending to attend this meeting were to place a comment on this post indicating so. This may encourage other people to attend.

    By the way do you have a particular room in the Cricketers or is the meeting just held round a table in the bar?

  2. We have got the use of the small room at the back of the pub. Which will be blocked off for us.

  3. I'll be there

    Is it the small area near the female toilet

  4. Will anonymous please wear a red carnation so he/she can be identified ?

  5. What do we do if about a dozen people turn up wearing a carnation?
    By the way Xlix - have you read your email?

  6. I didn't notice anyone wearing a carnation!!

  7. I was there

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. That narrows it down considerably then doesn't it? I have you down now as one of maybe two/three people!
    From that I reckon we have more than one anonymous as all the anon comments can't be yours can they?
    Or are you going to ask that they all be taken into account when we finally track you down?
    Are you male or female?


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