Monday, November 13

Green Lane in the 1980's

Found some photographs of the Allotments from the 1980's and added them to the web site. Rather surprisingly they show that many of the plots were cultivated. It's the era of The Shay Man winning prizes. Has he told you about the olden days?

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  1. Nice to see Mr Hirsts trees at a reasonable height, shame they aren't now. Is there anything we can do about that ? someone told me that his land used to be part of the allotments.... is that true?

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  3. Mr Hirst's land hasn't been part of the allotment site since we have been here which has been since the beginning of the 80's. Shay man will know as he has been on the site since he was in nappies. So he must have been allotmenting since the early 1940's! Sorry Shay Man - just my little joke!

  4. Following on from the first comment
    Is there anything we can do about the trees. I thought there was a new law 'right to light'.
    My allotment is now in the shade till about March when I start to get a few inches of sunlight a week.

  5. I've made some enquiries, previously, about Mr Hirst's conifers, regarding the new Planning regulations for hedges.

    Apparently, the regulations to prevent hedges growing out of hand, only apply to household properties.

    They wouldn't apply, therefore, in this case. We could only get Mr Hirst to cut back his conifers by negotiation.

    I've no information that the adjoining land was part of the allotments. Older plans show it as open land, with the Green Lane site identified as allotment gardens.


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