Sunday, October 22

Visitors to the blog

I know that we have had visitors to this blog from America, Italy and France. It would be really interesting if visitors would use the comments attached to this posting to tell us something about themselves. Such as where they are from, (you don't have to come from far afield), how long they have been gardening, what sort of things they grow, any wildlife seen in their gardens or on their allotment plot. Any really useful tips etc.

Don't be shy it would be really good to have some idea of who is out there reading our blog!


  1. Hi,
    Just stopped by you blog. Very nice. As far as the squash goes, we store the squash from our gardens in the basement and they seem to stay fairly well. My wife has a couple excellent recipes and I will post them to you at some point soon. We have a fairly large vegetable garden here in New York State growing, tomatoes, beans, potatoes and even some garlic which we sell at the farmers markets on the weekends. Great blog and will be visiting often.


  2. Thanks CJ for taking the trouble to post a message - we will certainly look forward to your squash recipes.

  3. Hello.
    I know that you are out there visiting this page but you seem really shy of telling us about yourselves. It would be good to know about you and your gardening.

    Just click on
    1 Post a comment
    2 Type your comment
    3 Verify that you are a person by copying the combination of letters
    4 Choose whether or not you wish to remain anonymous.
    5 Click on Publish your comment.

    Unless someone starts the ball rolling, no-one likes to be one of the first. It's easy and we don't make links to other strange sites.

    Alternatively add a message to our visitors comments page on our web site

  4. Hello from Oakland California, just across the bay from San Francisco! Two years ago we bought a tiny house with a tiny neglected garden. We are slowly restoring both. We have some lovely older fruit trees -- lemon, plum and persimmon. Our climate is Mediterranean, meaning we only have rain in the winter months, but the temperatures are very mild.

    I'm home with a summer cold, and am enjoying visiting gardening blogs.

  5. Wow Lisa and Robb you really have been browsing to find this page haven't you? You are most welcome and I hope you still visit when you are fully recovered Lisa or Robb!

    I envy you being able to grow things all year round but maybe it would generally be too hot for me in summer.


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