Sunday, October 29

Allotmenteers - Are we second class citizens?

Just a thought! The government want us to pursue a more active lifestyle, to eat our five fruit and vegetables a day, to buy produce locally, to look after our green spaces and to develop a sense of community! Does all this sound familiar to you?

As allotment holders don't we do all this? Allotment sites have very diverse communities. They cater for a very wide range of people of all ages, male and female, from a variety of walks of life and cultures. So why aren't we seen to be more important?

Allotments come under culture and leisure. It would be interesting to know how we fare in relation to other culture and leisure activities with regards to funding and facilities wouldn't it?

I am sure you must have a view on this so share it by using the comments button.

I know that we have visitors from other parts of the country and other parts of the world. It would be really interesting to hear whether other people feel that allotment holders get a poor deal in relation to other culture and leisure activities or if other areas fare better than us!


  1. i have an allotment in Bicester, used to have one in Oxford till the C of E banned us from using it cos they want to develop it. It goes to public inquiry in December in Banbury, see for bit of info. I believe allotments are under publicised, under used, under promoted and under valued ... let's sort it out folks!

  2. whoops, too much red wine. wishful thinking that I had one in Oxford, i should be so lucky to afford the property prices. Used to have one in LAUNTON, a village near Bicester. Freudian slip and all that. apologies

  3. Welcome to the blog Lawrence - check our our new site


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